White Paper: Managing Asbestos in Victorian Workplaces Post 2003

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Recent changes to Victorian legislation provides clarity for management of asbestos in buildings constructed post 2003. The national ban on the importation of asbestos into Australia has not been totally effective and consequently legislators have strengthened asbestos regulations.

To help with the topic, we have released this discussion White Paper to provide some interpretation and options available to duty holders on achieving compliance. Specifically, there needs to be documentary evidence that no asbestos has been used in the construction, or that an audit has been identified asbestos as far as is reasonably practicable.

More recently, a recent announcement by Safe Work Australia amends the model WHS Act by making it mandatory for a regulators to issue a “prohibited asbestos notice” if they believe that a workplace contains prohibited asbestos in any building. This will address the issue of asbestos installed in buildings post 2003.

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