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At Safety Systems Pty Ltd, we look for opportunities to integrate safety management into your existing systems and processes, which allows us to avoid duplication.

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Safety Management Systems

At Safety Systems Pty Ltd, we work with organisations ranging from small business to the corporate sector. Having worked and implemented systems in a variety of industry types and sizes, we understand that the most important issues faced by organisations today are compliance and worker acceptance. At Safety Systems Pty Ltd, we look for opportunities to integrate safety management into your existing systems and processes, which allows us to avoid duplication.

Safety Systems Pty Ltd recommends AS 4801 Occupational Health & Safety Systems when developing and implementing a Safety Management System.

At Safety Systems Pty Ltd we have a systematic way of assisting you with OH&S Management and would usually recommend that we:

  • Conduct a gap analysis of existing systems and processes.
  • Determine if the way you are managing OH&S addresses your OH&S risks.
  • Measure the system implementation level.
  • Develop a system which suits your business size, type and culture.
  • Provide practical guidance for your OH&S planning.

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Site Safety Audits and Inspections

On-site safety inspections and audits can provide useful information which can assist you in implementing and strengthening existing safety programs. At Safety Systems Pty Ltd, we understand that it is important for you to know how safe your workplace is; which is why we ensure that our consultants have extensive knowledge of legislative requirements and accepted industry practices.

We have a range of specific auditing tools designed for various industries; including construction, mining and manufacturing. We are also able to provide you with a report that identifies any deficiencies in regards to safety, in order of priority. This will enable you to focus your energy and direct your resources into any business-critical issues first.

Risk Assessments

At Safety Systems Pty Ltd, we can perform risk assessments, in regard to a variety of work activities and issues including; plant, systems of work, hazardous substances and buildings. To measure and report on the level of risk present at your workplace, Safety Systems Pty Ltd employs systematic processes and specific assessment tools.

We consult Australian Standards as part of the risk assessment. For example, when conducting a risk assessment on machinery at a workplace, we would consult AS 4024 Safeguarding of Machinery in conjunction with AS 4360 Risk Management as part of the risk assessment process.

Incident Investigations

At Safety Systems Pty Ltd, our consultants have extensive experience in incident investigations. We also use systematic processes to conduct investigations into workplace incidents and to identify the root cause and contributing factors of the incident. After Safety Systems Pty Ltd has done this, we can then recommend appropriate controls to prevent the incident reoccurring in the future.

Safety Systems Pty Ltd can also provide Incident Investigations Procedures to assist workers in conducting investigations at their workplace.

Dangerous Goods Storage Audits

Here at Safety Systems Pty Ltd, we can conduct Dangerous Goods Storage Assessments and are able to advise you on your level of compliance with the relevant legislation. For example, when we conduct a review of Dangerous Goods Storage, we consider compliance with the Dangerous Goods Act Regulations and other applicable Australian Standards.

A General Hazardous Substances Assessment would usually be carried out by one of our experienced consultants, however if high risk hazardous substances are to be assessed, we recommend the use of one of our Occupational Hygienist. In some cases, they may recommend personal exposure monitoring be conducted as part of the risk assessment.

Safety Systems Pty Ltd will then issue a report which will advise on any risks that may exceed the accepted exposure standards and make recommended controls to reduce exposure from general hazardous substances to acceptable levels.

If required, Safety Systems Pty Ltd also offers hazardous substances and dangerous goods training.

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