Asbestos Removal Visual Clearance Certificate

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At the conclusion of an asbestos removal, a clearance certificate is issued to verify that visual asbestos has been removed from the area. The clearance also allows the client to confirm that the hazard has been removed and there is no further risk to health.

The clearance certificate must be issued by a competent person that is independent from the removalist. A clearance certificate must be provided for any friable asbestos removal or in accordance with regulation 250 of the Occupational Healthy & Safety Regulations 2017.

Under the Occupational Health & Safety Regulation 2017, the person that has engaged the removalist must also organise the clearance inspection.

Safety Systems will inspect the removal area and determine whether the area is clear of visual asbestos. If the area has not been satisfactorily cleaned, Safety Systems may instruct the removalist to conduct further remediation works.


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