Asbestos Portal & QR Code System

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Under the Occupational Health & Safety Regulation, the asbestos register must be readily available at all times. To assist employers with their responsibility, Safety Systems has developed an Online Asbestos Portal & QR Code System. WorkSafe recommends the use of QR Codes to quickly convey important information such as the asbestos register.

The QR Code allows quick access for your contractors/ user groups of any building. The QR Code can be scanned with a smartphone using a QR Code Scanner App.

We also offer an online portal which allows access to the asbestos register by computer by any time.

Log in to our Public Online Portal by clicking the button below and using the following credentials.

  • Username: Sandpit
  • Password: Safety2017



To see how the QR Code System works, scan the QR Code Sticker below. To see comprehensive instructions on the QR Code System, click the button below.

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