Asbestos Management Plans

Asbestos Management Plan

Safety Systems can provide you with the mandatory legislative requirements to comply with the Workplace Health and Safety Act.

Asbestos Register

An Asbestos register is a document that lists all identified – or assumed – asbestos within a workplace. This register must be updated and kept at the workplace.

The register must contain:

  • A record of asbestos that has been identified or assumed to be present at the workplace
  • Date it was identified
  • Location, type and condition

Asbestos Management Plan

A person who has management or control of the workplace must ensure that a written plan is prepared if there has been asbestos identified within the workplace.

This plan must include:

  • The location of asbestos within the building
  • Decisions and reasons for decisions, about the management of asbestos at the workplace and control measures
  • Be maintained & up to date
  • Be reviewed every 5 years

We can prepare a plan and policy for your company to minimise the exposure of staff to airborne asbestos fibres and dust caused by maintenance or alteration work to the building.

Safety Systems can provide a complete Asbestos Management Solution for your company.