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Specialising in
  • Health and Safety Consulting.
  • Occupational Hygiene Consulting.
  • Workplace Safety Training.
  • Asbestos Consulting.

Your Local provider of OHS Consulting, Occupational Hygiene, Workplace Safety Training

Safety Systems Pty Ltd provides a highly regarded independent professional Asbestos Auditing service and has been operating since 2001.  We specialize in Asbestos Management consulting and assist employers in meeting their duties under the Part 4.4 of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017.

We want to be recognised by you and your staff for:

  • Excellence in quality of service
  • Commitment
  • Continuous innovation
  • Fostering dignity through respect, recognition and development of our people
  • Being easy to deal with

We have years of experience working with councils, local government and corporate environments and have an understanding of the systems, processes and culture. This enables us to merge in partnership with relevant departments and become part of your overall resource capability.

We view your assets not just as a structure or item, but as a valued business and community resource which requires interaction with stakeholders in a professional manner. Our experience working with stakeholders such as community groups and public committees means we appreciate their expectations. For example, arranging access may require consultation and negotiation with several user groups outside normal business hours.

Our client list includes companies from a wide cross section of industry, commerce and government, including local and national corporations.

We have a strong multidisciplinary team which includes specific individual strengths such as Occupational Health and Safety and Training, Occupational Hygiene and Asbestos Management. This will ensure we can provide a strong team looking after its interest.

We are locally owned and operated. As a local company we place a high priority on the delivery of quality service. Our objective is to successfully accomplish this contract within the time frames and exceed your expectations when it comes to service delivery. We are a private company whose prosperity relies on supplying your business with quality services in a cost effective manner.

We have carried out 1000’s of asbestos audits in commercial, industrial, education, government and domestic premises throughout Victoria.

All our OHS consulting work is carried out by one of our specialist OHS Consultants. Combining science degrees, technical and quality control expertise and memberships to the Safety Institute of Australia (SIA) and Australian Organization for Quality (AOQ), our team of consultants has a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory requirements and safety issues pertaining to asbestos and Occupational Health and Safety in workplaces. All our staff are required to undertake continuous professional development which includes maintaining relevant memberships, attendance at events and participation in a range of short training courses.

We have a local knowledge of Central and regional Victoria.  We stay abreast of local issues through local contact and the local media. This allows us to pre-empt capital works projects that may affect insitu asbestos or other issues we know that will be relevant to you.

Why Choose Us


We have over 30 years combined experience.

No Hassles

We take the hard work out of OHS.

Fast Results

Reports provided quickly and with clear information.

Your Safety

Is our Number One Priority

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We will ensure you are 100% satisfied.


Our trainers have extensive industry experience.

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