Asbestos Air Monitoring

Asbestos Air Monitoring

Air Monitoring maybe carried out to determine that the area where an asbestos removal has occurred contains asbestos airborne levels that are less than the exposure standard before the area is reoccupied.

Asbestos air monitoring can also carried out at the perimeter of asbestos removal works to determine whether asbestos fibres have been released from the asbestos enclosure or removal area.

Safety Systems team are specialists in undertaking all types of Asbestos Air Monitoring procedures. Air Monitoring should be performed whenever Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) is being removed, to ensure that it does not pose a risk to the health of workers or the general public. If the asbestos is classed as friable, then asbestos air monitoring is mandatory.

Regulation 4.3.91 of the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2007 requires that if the asbestos is classed as friable then asbestos air monitoring is mandatory. It is not required for some removal works, such as non-friable asbestos removal however, we recommend that air monitoring be conducted for all removals carried out in public environments such as schools, hospitals and public areas.

All our filters are analysed by a NATA accredited laboratory and calculations are conducted by our qualified Occupation Hygienist. These are then provided to you in an easy to read report.